OJSC Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA”

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Scientific-production company “Engineering and Technological Service”, St. Petersburg city, Russia


Scientific-production company “ETS” is leading Russian producer and supplier of welding equipment and consumables. Company “ETS” was founded in 1991 and today it is a big industrial-financing group which includes OJSC Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA” (Simferopol city), OJSC “ESVA” (Kaliningrad city). Total employees number is 1300 persons.

There is wide range of welding equipment and materials which is supplied by “ETS” company – from standard machines for all types of welding up to automatic welding systems “turnkey”.  More then a half of all operated domestic welding equipment in Russia is produced on plants of concern “ETS”.   There is a great demand on “ETS”-equipment but not only in Russia and former USSR countries and also in Germany, Sweden, Iraq and others countries which purchase about 10% of all manufactured equipment.

Strategic priority of the company is implementation of modern technologies which allow produce up-to-date equipment for high-performance competitive and safe welding production.  Designing of new welding equipment and works concerning automation of welding works are performed by own staff of skilled and highly qualified designers.

In designing new lines of equipment company “ETS” closely collaborates with branch-wise institutions (“All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Gas” , “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute on construction and maintenance of pipelines and objects of fuel-energy complex”, Research Center “Bridges”, institution “Prometey”) and leading industrial Russian corporations (“Gazprom”, “Transneft”, “Sevmash”, “Silovye machiny”, “SOT” and many others). The result of such collaboration is up-to-date welding machines which are designed according all branch-wise requirements and real conditions of operation; and also are included in  technological normative documents of biggest Russian companies.

Like this were designed whole series of equipment for mechanized and automatic welding in atmosphere of shielding gases (VD-306DK, VD-506DK, VD-306D, system for automatic orbital welding “Proteus”) for “TRANSNEFT”, “GAZPROM”, companies of shipbuilding and bridge-building.

For tube-rolling mills the company “ETS” designs, produces and implements special multi-arc systems for under flux welding and welding in atmosphere of shielding gases for production spiral-seam and straight-line-seam tubes and also for pipe bends.  Biggest projects were realized in companies “SOT”, “VTZ”, “ChTPZ”. There was realized the technology of automatic orbital welding in shielding gases for welding nipples to pipe’s valves on plants which produce pipe’s armature.

Welding equipment of “ETS” is widely used for realizing of Russia State programs (oil-pipeline “East Siberia – Pacific ocean”, Baltic pipeline system-2, gas-pipeline “Bovanenkovo-Uchta”, shipbuilding “SEVMASH” and “Zvyozdochka”, bridge constructions including in Sochi city on Olympic units, permanent state orders for Russia Ministry of Defense).

In 2009 on the plant “ESVA” (Kaliningrad city) of “ETS” group new production has started – manufacture of welding seamless flux-cored wires (type  POWER PIPEandPOWERBRIDGE). In nearest plans – designing new types of inverter machines for manual arc, argon-arc and mechanized welding.  Sales and service are provided via representative centers, service centers and dealers in Russia and CIS countries.

Engineering-technical and service departments of “ETS” provide complete technical support of clients from presales consulting, placing, studying of the client’s welders up to the post-guaranty service. Specialists of “ETS”  regularly hold training seminars for consumers and partners straightly in regions and in own training center in St.Petersburg.  It allows inform customers about all new machines of “ETS” and know about all actual needs and desires of clients. If you work with us you may be sure in competent decision of all welding matters at individual and attentive approach.

Scientific-production company “Engineering and Technological  Service”

Office, production, store: 2, Domostroytelnaya str., St. Petersburg city, Russia, 194292

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Tel./fax: Office (812) 321-61-61, 321-61-71, 
Production, store: (812) 331-82-66, 331-82-67, 320-81-45

Company information


Ukraine, 95000, Simferopol city
32A, General Vasiliyev str.

E-mail: sales@selma.crimea.ua

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E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua
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Sales Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-52, 58-30-54
Fax: +38 (0652) 58-30-53, 66-80-81
E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua

Mn-Fr:  7.30- 16.00  GMT+2