OJSC Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA”

Sales Department: phone: +38 (0652) 58-30-50, 58-30-52, 58-30-54;  E-mail:sbit@selma.crimea.ua

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Ukraine, 95000, Simferopol city
32A, General Vasiliyev str.

E-mail: sales@selma.crimea.ua

Marketing Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-55
Fax: +38 (0652) 58-30-53
E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua
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Sales Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-52, 58-30-54
Fax: +38 (0652) 58-30-53, 66-80-81
E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua

Mn-Fr:  7.30- 16.00  GMT+2