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SELMA nowadays

Welding is one of the leading technological processes because the 70% of GNP is produced using welding. Undoubtedly Ukraine takes up one of the leading places in the world in sphere of welding technologies.

"Firm SELMA" is actively developing industrial plant which produce more than 100 names of welding machines: welding transformers, rectifiers, semiautomatic machines, welding automats and carriages for mechanization the welding-cutting process, argon-arc welding machines, air-plasma cutting machines, contact spot welding machines, units for control of contacts machines and also equipment for mechanical preparing edges of sheets for welding. 

Modern technologies of production at “Firm SELMA”

Electro welding equipment of “Firm “SELMA” is designed under best world technologies, completed by leading world suppliers of spares from Germany, Hungary, Italy, China. So, this high quality of the goods leads to stable competitive position in compared with domestic and foreign examples. Permanent work of designers on updating and creation of new units, using modern computer technologies for equipment’s designing lets a possibility to design and produce new types of modern electro welding equipment in short terms.

It is impossible to reach high quality and competitive position without modern equipment and flexible technology. So, it was considered updating of plant’s technical base. There is the modern technology of German firm “TRUMPF” used for treatment of metal sheets. Using programmed control of forming systems TRUMATIС makes possible to cutting down, carving and forming of the pieces with different configuration from metal sheet. These machine tools provide a possibility of input the data under graphic programming in dialog mode; besides there is a rotation of workpiece provided on these machine tools. Unique rotation system with CNC control provides the rotation of all tools (including forming tool) in any angle position. Rotation system allows to work up the metal sheet of any thickness.

Rotation system enables to treatment of metal sheet with different thickness. It allows widen the flexibility of the machine tool and reduce production charges either at manufacture of individual pieces or at serial manufacture. Assembly shop is equipped with modern system of soldering and washing of circuit boards; automated line for saturation in altitude chamber with lacquer (class of thermal-life characteristics – H) of winding the load-bearing elements of welding transformers, electric coils and chokes. For equipment case’s painting there is the modern line of painting with powder spraying.


Partners and main consumers of the plant

“Firm SELMA” permanently searches new markets and potential clients in various regions of Ukraine and aboard. It allows reach high results and be export-oriented company. Export of welding equipment is counted 70% from total sales (from which 60% - Russia, 10% - other aboard countries). Main aboard partners are companies from Singapore, Lebanon, Vietnam, Jordan, Egypt etc.[/dropcap]

“Firm SELMA” exports considerable quantity of own products to Russian market. Industrial and financing joint of companies “SELMA” and “ETS” is a biggest enterprise in CIS which produces electro-welding equipment, designs technological process, makes service. As a special order of Russian oil-and-gas companies the multi-welding system VD-506DK were designed for oil- and gas-pipelined construction. It is successfully used in hard climatic conditions of the extreme north at construction objects of “GAZPROM” and “TRANSNEFT” VD-306DK and VD-506DK are recommended by “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute on construction and maintenance of pipelines and objects of fuel-energy complex” (Moscow) for oil and gas pipelines construction, and also for completion of mobile repair stations. Also there series of modern wire feeders for shipbuilding PDG-421 and PDG-322 was designed. These machines show good work on the dockyards of Severodvinskiy shipbuilding plant “Zvezdochka”, “Admiralteyskye dockyards” and also on “Astrahan’ dockyards”. Equipment of trade mark “SELMA” is applied almost in all branches: from mobile using on build areas at mounting and repair works to industrial using in hard conditions like automobile industry (“Lvovsky bus plant”, “Minsky automobile plant”, “Cherkassy bus plant”, “AutoZAZDaewoo”, “Kharkov tractor plant” etc), shipbuilding and ship-repair (“Damen shipyards Ocean”, “61 communards”, “Chernomorsky shipbuilding plant”, “Zaliv”, “Sevmorverf”, “Kherson shipbuilding plant”), heavy engineering (“MotrSich”, NPO named Frunze, “Dneprtyazmash”, “Azovobshchemash”) etc.


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Sales Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-52, 58-30-54
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E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua

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