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Welding is a technological process for receiving undetachable welded joints of metals and their alloys or   dissimilar materials.

Joint which received after welding is defined of continuous structural connection and monolithic nature which are reached due to formation of atom-molecule connections between elementary particles of joined details.

Undetachable monolithic joint which produced due to welding is called welded joint.  At welding of melting the welded joints includes joint proper (1), metal of thermal influence zone (2) and basic metal (3).  Joint is cast allow of basic and doped metals; zone of thermal influence is piece of basic metal with changed properties as a result of welding



PAC – Plasma Arc Cutting

PAC is a mode of air-plasma cutting. It is provided by deep penetration of the metal by plasma arc in cutting zone; at this the pressure air jet continuously removes melted metal from cutting interstice. Plasma is an ionized high-temperature gas which is…

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) – welding with tungsten electrode in atmosphere of inert gases

TIG is a mode of argon arc welding with non-consumable electrode in atmosphere of protective gases. There is a tungsten electrode used as a non-consumable electrode. There are welded edges touched at welding with non-consumable electrode. The arc burns…

SAW ( Submerged Arc Welding) – welding by submerged arc

Submerged automatic welding is fulfilled by mechanization of basic movements which are operated by welder at manual welding – feeding of electrode wire in arc zone and its movement along welding edges. Wire is fed to welding zone due to feeding rollers.…

MIG-MAG – mode of semiautomatic welding with consumable electrode wire in atmosphere of protective gases

MIG – Metal Inert Gas (Welding) – metal welding in atmosphere of inert gas MAG – Metal Active Gas (Welding) – metal welding in atmosphere of active gas MIG-MAG is a mode of semiautomatic welding with consumable electrode wire in atmosphere of protective…

ERW – Electric Resistance Welding

ERW – Electric Resistance Welding Welded parts are put against each other and pressed with force between two metal electrodes. After this the power supply is activated; this caused the electric current variable from some units to some tens of kA in cables,…

MMA - Manual Metal Arc (Welding)

MMA - Manual Metal Arc (Welding) MMA is a mode of arc welding with consumable electrode. At welding with coated consumable electrode the welding joint is formed due to melting by arc the electrode and edges of basic metal. As an electrode the metallic rod…


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