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Railway repair


Electric welding equipment for manufacture and repair of railway transport


OJSC “Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA” is one of the biggest manufactures of electrowelding equipment for all types of arc welding.

For production of rolling stock, parts and units intended for railway transport we propose electric welding equipment for complex decision of works on welding, cutting and metal’s preparing before welding.

We propose pay your attention to new technology - welding universal converters KSU-320 and KSU-500 type which is a remote source of low voltage. At connection to multi-station rectifier it allows make a system for manual arc welding with coated electrodes, and also multi-station system for semi-automatic welding when completed with wire feeder to KSU-320 or KSU-500. At this possible to use stations either manual arc welding or semiautomatic welding simultaneously.


For welding of carriage’s chassis, cistern’s chassis, open goods truck’s chassis etc we propose welding semiautomatic machines:

  • PDG-421 – compact and light, for wire cassette 5kg, allows make welding works on distance up to 40m.
  • PDG-312-5, PDGO-508S, PDGO-510 – for stationary works on wire cassette 15 kg.
  • PDGO-601, PDGO-602 – with increased capacity are designed for welding with steel and flux-cored wire of big diameter (steel – up to 2,2mm; flux-cored – up to 3,2mm); powerful engine of the drive ensures possibility of wire feeding from parcel and work with torch length 5m.

All feeders could be completed with any power source of our production VDG, VDU, VS types from 300A to 1000A because of universal supplying control board on feeders.

For improving works on aluminium and their alloys we propose welding source VS-450 and also version with synergic control.

Because of considerable volume of welding works in carriage engineering it is necessary pay attention to automation and mechanization. For this we produce wide range of welding automats.

For production of center sill, T-joints and П-sections, for cross and swivel beams of chassis etc we propose welding automats for welding and overlaying in protective gases and under flux:

  1. ADF-800, ADF-1000, ADF-1250 – for welding of butt joints (with cutting edges or without edges), angle joints, T-joints, overcloak joints and V-joints
  2. TS-17S – easy and reliable in control and operation. Adjustment of wire feeding speed and speed of welding are made using replaceable gears in reducing drives.
  3. ASU-5 (for angle joints) is designed for under flux welding of angle joints of rectilinear, curvilinear, and ring stiffening ribs with height up to 170 mm.
  4. Automat ADF-1000 TWIN for single-layer and multi-layers under flux welding by binary wire (cleft arc). It improves productivity and rises profitability of welding and also reduces deformation of welded unit due to decreasing entering energy per unit of welding joint.
  5. Automat ADF-1002 (type of 2TS-17S) for automatic under flux arc welding of T-joints of carbon and alloy steel by two slope electrodes.  It is possible to manufacture the automat according demanding height of ribs.
  6. Universal compact automat ADFG-630 for welding under flux or in shielding gases.

Suspended heads for automatic welding:

  • Welding heads ADF-800, ADF-1000, ADF-1250 for wire 1,6-6,0 mm with hand positioning in complete with power sources VDU-1000, VDU-1250.

For welding of nonferrous metal:

Universal machines for argon arc welding UDGU-251 AC/DC, UDGU-351 AC/DC, UDGU-501 AC/DC allow weld practically all types of metals, provide non-contact ignition of the arc (due to oscillator), adjustment of smooth rising of the current, welding-up of craters and protection of welding pool after welding.

For cutting of metal sheets (including nonferrous):

  • For manual air-plasma cutting – machines UVPR-120, UVPR-200, UVPR-2001.
  • For completing the complexes of automatic cutting portal-type we propose UVPR-200 and UVPR-400.

Only electric supplying and compressed air are needed.


Compact cutting machine MPGA-21 is designed for automatic moving of:

  • Gas cutter for metal cutting;
  • Or plasma-torch for air-plasma cutting;
  • Or torch for MIG/MAG welding in atmosphere of shielding gases.

Mobile 2-coordinate machine MPGA-21 is light automatic complex for cutting or welding according given drafts and using CNC.



For preparation edges of sheets for welding we propose mobile high-speed edge beveling machine MKS-21U and milling edge beveling machine MKF-18R. Using such machines is allows to automatize the process of edges preparations. It allows rise the productivity, simplify the technological process and minimize labor costs with guaranty of exact correspondence to bevel’s standards.

For repair works:

  • Compact, light, energy saving inverters VD-162, VD-200 for welding on direct current with coated electrode on nooks and height.
  • Transformers TDM-250, TDM-315, TDM-403, TDM-450, TDM-505 for welding at alternating current with coated electrode.
  • Rectifiers VD-306M1, VD-306C1, VD-306D, VD-506D for welding at direct current with coated electrode.
  • Semiautomatic machines PDG-252, PDG-251, PDG-351 for welding with electrode wire in atmosphere of protective gases.

Features of this equipment are simplicity of structure, reliability, durability, mobility, easy moving in operating conditions.

Firm SELMA provides warranty service and further service backup. All equipment of trade mark “SELMA” is produced in accordance with requirements of management system ISO-9001:2000, which is verified by TUV NORD CERT, and ecological management system ISO 14001:2006.


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