OJSC Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA”

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Partners and main consumers of the plant

“Firm SELMA” permanently searches new markets and potential clients in various regions of Ukraine and aboard. It allows reach high results and be export-oriented company. Export of welding equipment is counted 70% from total sales (from which 60% - Russia, 10% - other aboard countries). Main aboard partners are companies from Singapore, Lebanon, Vietnam, Jordan, Egypt etc.[/dropcap]

“Firm SELMA” exports considerable quantity of own products to Russian market. Industrial and financing joint of companies “SELMA” and “ETS” is a biggest enterprise in CIS which produces electro-welding equipment, designs technological process, makes service. As a special order of Russian oil-and-gas companies the multi-welding system VD-506DK were designed for oil- and gas-pipelined construction. It is successfully used in hard climatic conditions of the extreme north at construction objects of “GAZPROM” and “TRANSNEFT” VD-306DK and VD-506DK are recommended by “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute on construction and maintenance of pipelines and objects of fuel-energy complex” (Moscow) for oil and gas pipelines construction, and also for completion of mobile repair stations. Also there series of modern wire feeders for shipbuilding PDG-421 and PDG-322 was designed. These machines show good work on the dockyards of Severodvinskiy shipbuilding plant “Zvezdochka”, “Admiralteyskye dockyards” and also on “Astrahan’ dockyards”. Equipment of trade mark “SELMA” is applied almost in all branches: from mobile using on build areas at mounting and repair works to industrial using in hard conditions like automobile industry (“Lvovsky bus plant”, “Minsky automobile plant”, “Cherkassy bus plant”, “AutoZAZDaewoo”, “Kharkov tractor plant” etc), shipbuilding and ship-repair (“Damen shipyards Ocean”, “61 communards”, “Chernomorsky shipbuilding plant”, “Zaliv”, “Sevmorverf”, “Kherson shipbuilding plant”), heavy engineering (“MotrSich”, NPO named Frunze, “Dneprtyazmash”, “Azovobshchemash”) etc.

At two last years “Firm “SELMA” developed and tested at big industrial plants several types of submerged welding automats on 800A and 1000A, energy-efficient system KSU-320 for welding with coated electrodes from multi-station sources without ballast rheostats; and also new modes of wire feeders with digital indication of welding current and voltage. New equipment was successfully tested at Ukrainian shipbuilding plants “Damen shipyards Ocean”, “61 communards”, “Sevmorverf”, “Zaliv”, at heavy engineering plants “Azovobshchemash”, “Azovstal”, “Krasnaya zvezda”, NPO named Frunze and was high estimated by chief welders of these plants. In Russia this equipment is used for bridge construction by biggest companies “Kurganstalmost”, “Voronezstalmost”. Almost all new machines are tested in real industrial conditions. It allows propose on the market real competitive equipment which is conformed with all consumer’s requirements. More than 60% of sales in Ukraine are provided with dealers. Wide dealer network is calculated about 50 firms in Ukraine and Russia. It allow in truth provide all production with service either in guaranty period or all operation period.


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Sales Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-52, 58-30-54
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E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua

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