OJSC Electromachine-building plant “Firm SELMA”

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History of the plant

The plant was founded in 1946 as a producer of electric technical products on the base of repair workshops of electrical everyday apparatus. In 1959 plant was renamed as Electromachine-building plant and started the manufacture of control-system apparatus for contact welding machines.

The early 70-ties became a second birth for the plant when strong creative ties were established with Electric Welding Institute named E.O. Paton of NAS, Ukraine and All Union SRI of Electric Welding Equipment. World-known specialists Evgeniy Oskarovich Paton and Boris Evgeniyevich Paton made from Institute of electro-welding the mecca for welders all over the world. Fast transition from research to practice allows design up-to-date welding technologies: from welding in space up to underwater welding. So it is high significant that academician B.E.Paton had an influence upon development and formation of SELMA. Nowadays due to such support OJSC Firm SELMA is one of the  biggest producers of welding equipment in Ukraine.

At present “SELMA” produce more than 100 names of welding machines for all types of arc welding.

A work with IBSTC “Technological lasers” gave an important incentive for the firm to further development in production engineering, debugging and testing of compound electronic systems. This company mastered the output of control systems for powerful welding lasers in former USSR. There are more than 200 microprocessor controllers were produced on our plant. At manufacture of such units we have firstly applied the system of thermal training in thermal pressure chamber with real-time mode. From that time at plant there are start active application computer technologies, modern technologies of production double-side printed boards and also modern automation system for designing ACAD and PCAD.


From 1987 Firm SELMA close collaborates with world biggest producer in welding branch – company “ESAB” (Sweden). It made high influence on equipment’s designing according modern requirements.

Because of collapse former USSR the plant was in hard conditions. So the management of the plant decided to develop diverse electric welding equipment for all types of arc welding.

For comparatively short term it was mastered a wide range of welding transformers, rectifiers, semi-automatic machines, units for argon-arc welding and air-plasma cutting machines.

In 1996 the plant became a joint stock company. Since then the plant has been growing as the biggest manufacturer of welding equipment in Ukraine and CIS (former USSR countries).


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Sales Department:

Phone.: +38 (0652) 58-30-52, 58-30-54
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E-mail: sbit@selma.crimea.ua

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